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Embracing 2024: Laski OrthoSmiles’ Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Embracing 2024: Laski OrthoSmiles’ Commitment to Sustainable Practices

As we ring in the new year, Laski OrthoSmiles is not just celebrating a fresh start but also embracing a renewed commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our dedication to providing top-tier orthodontic care in Toronto is matched by our resolve to implement eco-friendly practices. This dual commitment sets us apart and reflects our core values: innovation, community involvement, and delivering personalized patient care.

A Tradition of Excellence

Founded in 1978 by Dr. Sol Laski, Laski OrthoSmiles has long been synonymous with excellence in orthodontics. Dr. Brian Laski, continuing the legacy, is not just an alumnus of the same esteemed University of Toronto orthodontic program as his father but is also at the forefront of continuing education and advanced orthodontic techniques. Alongside him, Dr. Stacey Kirshenblatt, a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring our practice remains a beacon of advanced orthodontic care.

Innovative Care for Every Smile

Innovation is at the heart of Laski OrthoSmiles. We pride ourselves on offering a wide array of treatments including the Premier Invisalign® provider and the cutting-edge Harmony System™ for lingual braces. Our practice is among the first in Toronto to adopt the iTero® Element digital impression system, ensuring precise, comfortable, and efficient care.

Our non-extraction treatment philosophy and judicious approach to early interceptive treatment underline our commitment to gentle, effective, and patient-centered care. By treating our patients as we would our own family, we ensure that every orthodontic journey is not just effective but also nurturing and personal.

A Commitment to Sustainability

As we step into 2024, our New Year’s resolution is clear: to deepen our commitment to sustainability. We understand that environmental responsibility is not just a trend but a crucial aspect of genuinely caring for our community and our planet. This year, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint through measures such as minimizing waste, embracing biodegradable materials, and implementing energy-saving practices in our clinic.

Our sustainable practices are not a departure from our dedication to providing exceptional orthodontic care but rather an integral part of it. We believe that a clean, healthy environment contributes significantly to the overall well-being and happiness of our patients and staff.

Engaged with Our Community

Our commitment extends beyond orthodontic care and environmental stewardship. At Laski OrthoSmiles, we are deeply invested in the communities we serve. We celebrate the achievements of our patients inside and outside our clinic, and we actively support local initiatives that resonate with our values of health, education, and sustainability.

Looking Ahead

As we embrace 2024 with open arms, Laski OrthoSmiles is more than just an orthodontic practice. We are a community of dedicated professionals, united by our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Our resolution for the new year is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to not only enhance smiles but also to nurture a healthier, more sustainable future for our patients and our planet.

Join us on this journey. Together, let’s make 2024 a year of beautiful smiles and sustainable strides. For more information about our services or our sustainability initiatives, or to schedule an appointment, contact us here. Your best smile is our mission, and your well-being is our pride.


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