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We recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.

Dr. Laski and Dr. Kirshenblatt are your experienced  Toronto, Ontario orthodontists. Call our office today to schedule your first appointment!


Office Manager & Dental Assistant

I graduated from George Brown College for Level II Dental Assisting in 2009 and have been working in orthodontics ever since. My career as a dental assistant has allowed me to work abroad and provide exceptional treatment for patients in different parts of the world. I helped to open both ORTHOSMILES locations and grow our amazing team by using my previous career experience as a manager and trainer.

Although I enjoy all aspects of dentistry, orthodontics is a true passion of mine; the change that we see in our patients is what makes this profession so special. The time I have spent treatment coordinating has taught me that orthodontics goes way beyond straightening teeth and giving patients that coveted “Hollywood Smile” (although we do love doing this). Every day in our office we address many concerns such as; aligning teeth for future implants and restoring a patient’s bite to relieve pain or prevent tooth loss. We are not only improving smiles – we are building and restoring confidence all the while providing education about dental health.

I graduated from George Brown College’s Dental Assisting program in 2020. Despite it being a challenging and unpredictable year, I managed to graduate with honours and a scholarship award. Having worked in general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and orthodontics since then, I have gained tremendous knowledge and improved my skills in order to better serve our patients. Growing up, I was insecure about my smile and this furthered my passion to work in dentistry. I can empathize with anyone who wants to improve their smile. It brings me joy to be able to be a part of your smile transformation journey.


Clinic Manager

Mary Ann

Front Desk Coordinator - King Street Office

I am a graduate of George Brown College and have ten years of experience working in administration. My favorite part about working here is the day our patients take off their braces. They are so happy about completing their treatment, and the smiles they walk out of the office with are amazing! It is a privilege to be the first one to come into contact with our patients, and to be the last one to see them leave with a smile. I love working with my team—we always strive to provide the best customer service. Our efforts are reflected from the reactions we get from our patients. Working with such great staff has been amazing!

I am an Accountancy graduate and a true-blooded financial expert. Accounting is my life. However, I instantly fell in love with dentistry when I started working as a Dental Receptionist on 2013. I admired all the aspects of Dentistry, but what captured my heart the most and made me truly amazed was the art of orthodontics. Its insurmountable impact in the transformation and enhancement of the personality of a certain patient is every bit fascinating. The sophistication and grandeur it brings to every patients give wonders. I feel awesome and overjoyed everytime I see each patient of OrthoSmiles walking out of the door with so much confidence and elegance, wearing their beautiful smile! Indeed, great satisfaction guaranteed!


Front Desk Coordinator - St. Clair Office


Treatment Coordinator

I graduated in 2017 from George Brown College with honours from the Dental Assisting program.  I started my career in a general dental office and soon after made the switch into Orthodontics. I had braces as a teenager and they changed my life. I can now pass on my confidence to others by helping change their smiles! During my spare time I enjoy exploring new places whether it’s a new restaurant or a different country and catching up on my favourite shows! 

I graduated from George Brown college and am a certified Level ll Dental assistant. I have been working in the dentistry field for over 10 years and have found my niche in orthodontics. It has been highly rewarding to work alongside Dr.Laski and Dr.Kirshenblatt, to make everyone’s initial experience enjoyable and to provide optimal dental education prior to starting your treatment. Being a treatment coordinator, it is my responsibility to listen to your main concerns and making those connections in getting you that confident smile. I look forward to meeting you at your initial consultation!


Treatment Coordinator


Treatment Coordinator

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I graduated as a dental hygienist in 2008 with a deep passion for orthodontics. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Laski during my studies, and it has been an honour to have been a part of the Orthosmiles team since 2013. As an Orthodontic dental hygienist, I am dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care with a friendly chairside manner. I find it extremely fulfilling being a part of a patient’s journey and seeing their confidence grow throughout their orthodontic treatment. Out of the office I can be spotted at hockey arenas and gymnastic studios with my kids and husband. There is no greater gift than my family – together we enjoy food, travel and outdoor fun year round.


Registered Dental Hygienist


Registered Dental Hygienist

I began my career as a dental assistant and quickly developed a passion for orthodontics. Ultimately, this prompted my decision to further my education and earn my dental hygiene diploma. I love working as a dental hygienist at Laski OrthoSmiles and using my knowledge, skills, and ten years of dental experience to deliver optimal care and high standards of practice to every one of our patients. I love witnessing the happiness and confidence patients gain throughout their treatment. 

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the University of Western Ontario, I went on to pursue dental hygiene at George Brown College. I was first introduced to the world of orthodontics as a child when I went through my own treatment. I found myself fascinated by it. As a part of the OrthoSmiles team, I am now able to nurture this passion as we create beautiful smiles for others. I pride myself on delivering quality and friendly care to our patients. When I’m not helping to craft beautiful smiles with the OrthoSmiles team, you can find me travelling or playing volleyball.


Registered Dental Hygienist


Registered Dental Hygienist

I received my training from Regency Dental Hygiene Academy in Toronto and joined Orthosmiles in 2021 with over 14 years of clinical experience as a dental hygienist. I thrive to understand and respect each of my patient’s individual comfort levels and treatment needs. My philosophy is to empower you throughout your orthodontic journey, so you will not only be excited about your final, beautiful results, but also feel supported and cared for along the way. 

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Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant

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Dental Assistant


Administrative Assistant

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